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Welcome to Solutions Wellness Center

At Solutions Wellness Center, we are committed to the concept of overall health and wellness. We realize that this requires establishing balance, finding direction and building health. We are a group of experienced behavioral health professionals who provide counseling services for individuals, couples, children, teens and families. In addition, we offer a wide range of wellness services that include helping with sleep problems, stress management, meditation and yoga, parenting, smoking cessation, nutrition and pain management to name a few.

Getting Help Has Never Been Easier

Reaching out for help can be challenging. At Solutions Wellness Center we make it easier. Caring and supportive professionals are ready to offer confidential and effective counseling services to help with a variety of concerns. Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? Read More

• Why do I feel sad?

• Why can’t I control my mood?

About Us →

• Why do I always feel on-edge?

• Why do I always feel so stressed?

What We Do →

We are here to help you find the answers to these questions, and help you solve your problems.


“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Barry Finlay

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